Technology Support

Tech Support HelpDesk 2021 Link - Support phone (603)632-9771

During Remote Learning Days we will have spare Chromebooks in the high school lobby for swaps, when possible.  Call the help desk first before arrival (632-9771) to make sure someone is there and available.  The Help Desk link can be utilized by Staff, Students and Families
Things to help Google Meet video conferencing:
1. Close out any unused/non-active browser tabs, windows or applications on the machine.

2. Make sure the device is not on the floor or bed, rather allow the device to dissipate heat by placing it on an elevated surface.

3. Ensure a full battery charge on the device(or be plugged into to power source).

4.  Consider advising student to do audio only if Meet video is poor quality

5. Logout and reboot computer.

6.  Be close to the router.

7.  If necessary, go into  Meet Settings, under video, change to Standard instead of Auto

9.  Custom backgrounds/Blur effect adequate bandwidth and videoconferencing... and so does sharing your screen/presenting

10.  Run a Speed test....Go to and hit Go. 
(Upload speeds should be higher than 3 mbps for adequate video conferencing.  All other devices in the house should be disconnected from the router.)
11. Reboot your router

***The tech department can review Meet session metrics for Meet videoconference don't be afraid to ask to check a session

****Ask parent to know current firmware for the router

****As last resort, can you call into the Meet?…..see Meet invite for number

****Ask teacher- Will the Meet be recorded for playback

  • Mascoma Learning Hub is for Staff, Students, and Families as a resource for how to use Google and other school utilized programs. 
  • If GoogleClassroom does not automatically open on your computer it can also be accessed by the nine dot menu in the upper right hand corner, and click the GoogleClassroom icon.  Or type into the address bar of your browser.